Why is he doing this to me?

So I was talking to this guy over texts for about 3 months. I met him twice in person. He's 24 I'm 17. Everything was going great till a few nights ago. I told him I loved him but then he told me we couldn't talk over text anymore because it was starting to get unhealthy because he was blocking me from a real social life. I tried to beg him to continue talking to me but he said, "Nah this is getting unhealthy. I will no longer reply to your texts. It will all get better in the long run". I sent him another text but he didn't reply. Yesterday I sent him two text messages telling him I was sorry for anything harmful I said and I don't understand why he's doing this. I also said that I was crying all day over him. But he didn't reply. I have been doing nothing but staying in my room and crying all day. What should I do now? Should I try calling him? Why is he doing this to me?

To make things more clear after I told him I loved him he basically starting backing out and saying we couldn't talk anymore. Did I make him feel bad about something ?


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  • From experience sounds like the guy just wanted to muck around text for thrills and flirt without it getting physical or actually developing into anything serious. That's the main reason he cut you off. Also you DEFINITELY scared him off with the 4 letter word. Since he being the older one in this situation he would have more experience and should've said it first. Also never play emotional since he didn't respond to when you told him you were crying that meant he didn't care. Your young you'll understand soon being with an older guy is tricky. I should know. Certain things you say and do and don't say and do.

    The best you can do is give him an ultimatum either do is go back to how you two were which was just texting or let him go. Because guys like that ain't worth it. And as tough as it's gonna be for you just got to wait it out. Don't act needy guys get an ego trip over that or it will push him away even further and label you a stalker or insecure. Been treated like that too in my days.


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  • Well for one thing the relation may be considered illegal so I can see why he may want to back off when you said that, as a way of keeping himself safe but also if you don't see each other a lot and assuming he does care, perhaps he's not one to do LDRs (as it sounds if you only met twice) but even more so...well you only met him twice in person and he may be a bit freaked out and think you need to find someone else closer you can get to know and hang out with longer before saying love.

    It would seem however he is a lost cause and I can understand being upset, but things will get better and I'm sure you deserve better than him anyway.


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  • uummm perhaps you now appear PSYCHO

    are you serious? after 3 months and you've only met TWICE? you don't love him. You don't even know what love is yet. no wonder he hightailed it out of there.

    and you only talked thru text? first of all, that IS unhealthy regardless of whether you've known each other 3months or 3 years. pick up the phone and actually use it for its original function. better yet, why HAVENT you met up more than twice?

    also, a pointer, texts while dating/in a relationship are for flirting and saying you'll be late, stuff like that. NEVER EVER for serious conversation, aka I love you, or fights, or anything of the sort.

    as to what you should do now, you should go out with your friends, talk to other guys, and try to forget about him. much easier said than done, but this thing is not only over, it's a good thing it IS over. age differences shouldnt matter when people love each other, but they DO matter when people are younger and have such drastically different levels of maturity and social setting around them. 17 and 24 are two whole worlds apart. find someone your age or at least 20 under. stop crying. seriously. for someone you've met twice and talked to only for 3 months, it's a blow to your dignity.

    i know I sounded way harsh, I really don't mean to offend you, I swear. but one day you'll look back on this and be like wtf was wrong with me

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