To text or to wait?

We went out as friends a week ago, texted the night and the day after. Then I asked if I will see him at work and he said no he is in another building. I said then I'll see you in Dubai (we had made plans with two other friends to go to Dubai next year) and he said lol I hope we will see each other before that. I haven't written or heard anything since...
i feel like I'm always the one to initiate conversation. Should I or should I just wait it out?


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  • if you left it at "I hope we will see each other before that" without a response you have just made the situation very awkward. Basically, by not responding you've basically said something along the lines of "fat chance with that. See you later pal." I don't understand for a gender that is supposedly a lot better with social interactions they sure do like to make things weird and complicated. When you're talking to a man it's typically very simple. He obviously was hoping he'd see you sooner than that and if he hopes to see you sooner that means that he likes seeing you (duh). If he doesn't usually initiate the conversation that's probably because guys generally aren't as social as girls. Especially texts and phone calls. Most guys hate that shit. Stop overthinking it and just see things at face value. Stop being afraid to put yourself out there

    • Somehow texting totally stresses me out. I always seem to misunderstand or at least not understand things the way they were meant. People probably misunderstand me all the time too? And then if there are feelings involved you just tend to overthink every possible way he could have meant it. I guess I could just write hey how's it going, no harm done right?

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    • I gotcha. Yeah it sounds like you guys both have some things to find out about each other and the only way that's gonna happen is if you and he continue to pursue. So yeah, make a solid effort if you really like the guy. If you only half ass it you may never find out.

    • It's just tricky when you work together... you in to don't want to overdo it bec you misinterpreted some signals... could be that he is just as conscious of that as I am. I'll text him I think, no harm in asking how things are, right?

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  • Wait, so it's June right now and you basically texted him "see ya next year?" Not really something a guy is dancing to see from a girl he's interested in

    • I meant it as a joke obv lol. I think he got that bit... no? Why is texting so tricky and you can get different meanings all the time?

    • Well obv he didn't get it lol

    • It's often like that right? That people misunderstand each other on what's app etc. overthinking is just the worst😁

  • if u always initiate... there's no reason keep botherin...

    • I feel like I do. I know he's shy and all but come on... last time he initiated after 4 weeks or so😜

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  • you should text him!