I never had a girlfriend.

So I'm almost 17 now and I never had a girlfriend. I never even tried to get one cause lot of girls in my town are stuck ups and I don't like them that way. So I don't even know if I am able to get one :). The Point is I'm starting to feel alone, I want a relationship so as I don't go to nightclubs and stuff I'm figuring out that I should probably start online dating. But I don't know how to start conversation online and how to make it interesting with girl, that would last long online or by sms. Or how to flirt. So please help me give me as much guidance as you can. Thanks and sorry for long article


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  • The best thing is just to be yourself. Relationships are not easy to come by for a lot of people these days, and it doesn't mean that you're a horrible person, it's just a difficult task. And most people will tell you it doesn't always come when you're looking for it, but when you least expect it. So kick back, and it will come.


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