Does the the time it takes for a relationship to start effect how it ends?

Ok so this question is geared more toward the older people of gag but everyone is welcome to chime in but my questions is which usall ends to a better relationship say in the begin it took twconfused o to four months of some work mabey even a little frustration vs a relationship that starte in a week or two with little to no effort from either party? Reason beating is that this girl an I have been tryin if you will for almost two moths now she knows how I feel but she's a little confused on her feelings for me she said she dosnt want to put it as just being friends and she dosent want me to give up I her just yet (I don't want to either) but she's being a tad bit distant since that conversation two day ago I apreciate any help this girl truly is amazing. thanks


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  • The first couple of weeks or months should be the easy part in a relationship. This is where things are new, fun and exciting. You are infatuated and overlook most flaws in your partner. After this phase, reality sets in. Things become more level, more predictable. It's at this point people reevaluate the relationship and make a subconscious choice to stay or leave.

    The reason I mentioned all this was that you guys are having to try much too hard for this early in the relationship. If she is this conflicted now, I can't see it getting better. It seems in relationships like this, a couple is staying together more for the relationship itself rather than a desire to be together. Every day presents another issue and another attempt to justify staying.

    I despise the old hack excuse "I don't know how I feel, I am so confused." Either she wants to be there or she doesn't. If she doesn't, no amount of time will help. I understand this farther on in the relationship if her feelings have changed, she's lost interest, become interested in some one else or whatever. But the first few weeks? She needs to make up her mi d and stop stringing you along.

    There is no way you should have to be working this hard already. I don't think it bodes well for the future of the relationship when couples have this hard of a start.


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  • i dont think so.


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  • guess she'll takes u back after a few weeks...