What are the things that ruins a first date for you?

What are the things that you think will ruin your first date? Give at least 3.

Mine are:

1. Mentioning an ex on a first date and the things you've done before
2. Freeloader
3. Talks about himself all throughout the date


Most Helpful Guy

  • Talking about her past

    Attending to her cellular telephone at all

    Drinking or drinking too much


    Not taking a breath to give me a chance to contribute to the conversation

    Her trying or insisting on paying


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  • The four worst first dates that I had were.
    1. She was batshit crazy. The date ended with her walking along the edge of a fountain in the city square, singing to herself. I left her there.
    2. She turned out to be a prostitute who liked to collect free meals from lonely men, before she went to work.
    3. She told me that the next month she would go to the Middle East to be a contract whore in a harem for two years.
    4. As the date ended, her former husband appeared, became violent and I had to inflict damage such that he was in the orthopaedic ward for months. The fight and the consequent police interview took the gloss off the evening.

    • Oh my indeed the worst dates a man could ever have. Sorry about that.

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    • LOL that surely is the worst. I wonder if it ever crossed her mind how pointless it would be to date someone like that!

  • I agree with all but the first. I like hearing about past relationships because it tell me a great deal about them.

    Three of mine---in no particular order---are poor conversation, emotional distance, obsession with their children.

  • 1. Zero physical contact.
    2. Uninterested demeanor
    3. No sense of adventure

    • What kind of physical contact?

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    • Lol I really fucked up my grammer there. I meant to say "all I'm saying"

    • Hahaha LOL didn't notice that

  • Texting, talking about exes


What Girls Said 2

  • Talking about exes, being on his phone, and just being cocky.

  • 1. Taking me somewhere that will create awkward silence, like restaurant

    2. Too serious
    3. Being on the phone

    • Where do you wanna be taken?

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    • Yes. I would not feel shy of we are active and the conversation will flow naturally.

      Once I am more comfortable , I would go to restaurant , picnic, movies etc with him.

      I guess I am opposite

    • Haha completely opposite. :)