Girls, Why don't guys notice me?:(?

I've been single for 19 years out of those 19 years I've only had one guy ask me on a date and then cancel on me the second date.
im not unattractive im not a bitch im a little quiet but isn't everybody when they don't really know that person.. I don't think me being quiet is a big thing either because if a guy really want to to know a girl he'll try as much as he can.
the reasons I looked up would be that guys are intimidated and I feel like girls that are prettier then me get dates a lot easier and get asked out a lot more then I do. So I don't think that's an excuse.. I think guys notice me but don't do anything about it and the guys who do are Pervy guys from foreign countries...



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  • Don't take it personally whatever you had said he probably just thought you two wouldn't be a match so didn't see the poing in continuing it. I've done it with guys a few times where they are super great and friendly but I didn't see it going anywhere so I didn't go on the second date.
    First of all don't compare yourself to others, Everyone's beautiful in there own way it's just about realising what makes you beautiful and using that confidence.
    When I was in high school I was the same no one really noticed me in a romantic way I was just everyone's good friend. Then after high school something bad happened and I decided I would focus all my energy on myself and work on everything I wasn't happy with in a healthy way. Now I've had more attention than ever and it's not because of how I look neccessarily it's more because now I feel a lot more confident.
    There will be plenty of guys out there for you just work out what you want and don't settle.. It'll start bad habits. If someone isn't right get rid of them right away and move on to the next and trust me there will always be a next
    Hope that helps :)


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  • Its okay! I didn't get with my first boyfriend until i I was 19. I know it feels bad but its really not the end of the world. Focus on yourself, enjoy your study or work, have a solid group of friends and enjoy the single life. Guys will come when you're least searching for them. Also, don't be afraid to ask guys out! You can do it casually, just ask if they wanna grab a coffee after class or something! Easy!

    • I know I should do that !! Easier then waiting for the guy to ask me out

  • I feel the same and yea I have Seen it a lot that girls who are Open to ecerything get somebody easier and you can Tell it is like that bcause they dont have to do a lot to get them home. I was thinking the Same But now i think rather i stay alone and im Hard to get rather then being a bitch and easy to get

  • This happens to me as well. It takes longer than one date for me to open up, since I'm a shy introvert. Most guys don't want to hang around and see me relax/be comfortable around them.

    Hopefully one day there will be guys for us that will want to stick around and see how great we are. :)

    • Tbh I don't think I'm that shy at all. I am a little quiet but I know how to have conversations with people I just don't go out of my way to do so.. Yes we will!(:

  • Maybe what you consider being quiet comes across to guys as boring.. What happen in that first date? Where you communicative? Charming? Smiling? Guys love girls with good energy.. Not just guys.. All people love people with good energy!!! Smile and have fun as much as you can and you will realise that guys will want to be around you more!!!

    • I was doing all of that !! I don't think I was boring at all I'm pretty sure he liked it cuz at the end he tried to warm up my hands and caressed them.. But I don't know guys suck

    • True that!!! :)

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