Should I date my long time friend or no?

So a long time friend whom I just started speaking to again after some years. We've been talking and sibling a lot. It's at the point where I really do like her and not to be mean or anything but even though her personality is spot on for what I'm looking for she is a bit too emotional , and has a bit more curve then I'm looking for.
when I say emotional I mean overreacting emotionally and crying over simple stupid stuff. And she has pretty decent to big boobs but I don't like boobs that I know will say late in life :/... I'm so confused on whether to date her or not.

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Most Helpful Girl

  • You already know you don't want to deal with her drama and you don't respect her body. That's a doomed relationship. Keep up the friendship but move on and try to find someone more compatible.


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  • It could work. If your turmoil is all over her looks then... decide. but if you really wanted to date this girl would you be this conflicted?


What Guys Said 2

  • Sure why not

  • Date her!!!