About to turn 22 dreading it?

I'm just starting school at 22. I feel like oh my god everyone is graduating college I'm just starting my first semester. Living at home.. there's no more fcking around I need to make moves. I'm moving out soon.. and again starting college.

I tried the police academy failed a test at the very end didn't get to graduate they said I can go back next class. At that time I'll be almost 23 and not sure if I'll get hired.

My 18 year old girlfriend broke up with me. Wasn't able to work during the academy so I'm working random odd jobs now. I have a solid plan and I know I'm going to follow through but it demotivating to be graduating college at 26. Hopefully be interning at 25. Then go full time law enforcement or whatever I choose to do. I'll have options at that point. This is more of a rant but I'm having flashbacks thinking oh my god where did the time go.. how did I get myself in such a shitty position in which I'm in now. All I have I'd good 'experience'.

This is more of a rant but does anyone feel the same?



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  • Relax. You are actually doing okay. Things could be a lot worse.
    I would suggest that you continue to live with your parents, if that is possible while you attend college. There are a lot of financial pressures while you are at college and living with your parents is that lowest-cost option.
    Relax about graduating at 26. I will have my second degree when I am 60 and will probably be about 65 by the time that I get my first doctorate. - lol
    Are you really sure that you want to be a cop? It is a pretty shitty job and the pay is nothing to be excited about, either.
    You may find that while you are at college your view will become broader and you may find something that interests you more (and hopefully pays better).

    • O just feel like I missed the train.. feel like a child in a grown man's body