I am worried, Advice?

Three months I have been talking to this guy and today was his son Birthday, the mother of his child tag the guy I am talking to and it says family dinner and it made me thought when I seen the picture that him and her was trying to get back together the picture is just of him and his son. The other picture she post was on her Instagram and he said drove out here to port Clinton to meet up with Ezra dad for a Birthday dinner but seeing the picture didn't really bother much as other ones both pictures it just him and his son. I text him saying to tell him to let his son know that I said happy birthday to him and he never texted me back so my mind is racing because I thinking she over his house and they are talking about getting back together. Also I think the reason why I thinking about because me and the guy I am talking to and his son is suppose to go to indoor waterpark last Friday but he forgot that his cousin UFC fight was on that day so he canceled and ask can we go a later date. Well on Monday he text me and ask about picking day so we can all go swimming and we picked the day which is the Friday and when I told him my boss said yes he replied back saying "Oh Nice" and the response just through me off because he sound like wasn't interest in going but I don't know if I am overthinking that, I am scared to get my hopes up like the last time since he canceled like I really want to go to hang out with him and his son I have already meet his son before. The thing is I just overwhelmed with thoughts from the pictures he got tag in today and he not texting me back and for Friday for the waterpark. I just need advice I am overthinking or I am really be naive about everything?


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  • holy crap...