Is her wife into me or just my imagination?

She is my best friend's wife and she flirts a lot with me and she does it with me not other men also she is too friendly with me and calls me at least once a day see if I need something or not.
I don't know what she wants and don't want to do. Should I take a risk and take the next step or wait and see what she wants at all?

His wife*


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  • Sounds like she may be a bit of a flirt. I would have said she's friendly to everyone, perhaps its her personality but calling everyday? That's extreme. Dont be so stupid as to do something with her though. She's your BEST friends wife. Don't be so insane. There's plenty of single women out there looking for relationships and plenty of women looking for one nighters. Dont do something stupid.

    • These thirsty ass dudes in the desert do the dumbest things.

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    • Its not right but can't ignore her. She is so fun and lovable.

    • So are a bunch of other girls. If you know its not right then stop thinking with the wrong head and stay away. Dont pick up the calls, dont get involved in situations were you would be alone with her.

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  • Try to check things around her behavior with your friend around (her husband), and how she acts with other friends and family of his.
    Option Number 1: This is just your imagination and she is friendly with other people or just want to be friendly with her husband's best friend.
    Option Number 2: She is too friendly with you and being unfaithful. In this case for the best of your life, your friend's life and his wife. Keep things apart, stay away of the red-line and go away if you have to. No thing good will come out of this.


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  • Sound like she wants to go there with you.

    • Sounds good but it comes with a lot of risk we should take care a lot.

    • Yes it comes with a lot of risk.

  • She's your BEST FRIEND'S WIFE! Nuff said. Only ugly people from the inside would allow themselves to knowingly get involved with a person that is already in a relationship.

    • I'm not that kind of person but want her and want to make her happy.

    • So you are that person hahaha. You're feelings ofcourse are more important than your frriend's feelings. I al I hear is I.. I.. I and what about your best friend? Do his/her feelings not count? If not, than why say this person is your friend if you clearly don't care about them at all?

  • She is your best friend's wife! BEST FRIEND!


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  • Well... you need to just stay away from that

  • she's in a lezbo relationship, and has feelings for you?

    This is very unusual.

    • Sorry about my English . He is a guy the friend is a guy.

    • it looks like she's into you or she could be really nice.

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