How do you respond to people going after someone in a HAPPY relationship?

I see so much of this, and I'm so tired of seeing these thirsty desert bandits trying to get with a married woman or their best friends guy.
How do you respond to these people in person? Do you associate with them?
I mean I can ALMOST get it if someone is in an abusive relationship... But when two people are happy, what makes people think that's cool?


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  • shitty... they r taken


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  • They are immoral.. but the happy people in the relationship have a choice too.

    • Well obviously, but still how frigggen crappy does a person have to be to decide hmmm out of all the possible partners in the world, I'm gonna pursue the person in a relationship.
      Although the person in a relationship is worse in my opinion, but we already know cheaters are crappy lol

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    • True, for sure. I only give the one in a relationship a higher suck level since they were the one who made the commitment, but both are awful

    • Call me naive, but I don't think people cheat if they were 100% happy in the relationship.

  • Well if they aren't married it's fair game and who is to say just because they appear to be happy they really are happy

    • I mean I suppose so. But there's a lotta guys and girls here who don't give half a crap about marriage and will even say the person they're after is happy lol...

    • Then they are in the wrong