Post break-up, perhaps potential rebound?

I'm at the juncture where I'd sometimes still think of my ex and might cry thinking of him whenever Iisten to emotional songs. Sometimes I'd imagine he wants me back but I would only be 50-50 in taking him back.

Anyway, what makes it a little complicated is I recently met someone else who's interested and he's quite similar to my ex (both love children, both love animals, both were teachers at some point in their lives and both cook too).

So my question is, if all goes well, should I give this new guy a chance, or should I wait til I fully recover from my last break-up?

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  • I voted to give the new guy a chance, but only because I'm somewhat privy to past details of your situation. I don't remember how long you two were together and have been apart, so maybe some healing time could be in order here. You decide - they say the longer the couple are together (also frequency/depth of contact kind of matter), the more time is needed to heal. I don't think you'll ever forget an ex- like that, memories being what they are, but check to see if you just want to replace a certain feeling or not.

    I don't think its unnatural to find guys similar to your ex-, especially since there wasn't a breakup involving animosity. Maybe you just like guys who like children, animals, and can teach & cook - especially if you struggle with some of these then they can counterbalance your skillset nicely.

    • Hi there! Thanks for dropping your advice :)

      Ideally, I'd very much like myself to move on completely before seeing someone new. But I can't control fate, all I can do is decide what to do about this new guy.

      And believe me, I don't "filter" guys by any of those characteristics. I just like guys who are down to Earth and enjoy traveling, and of course, looks will be a great bonus. In my mind I know these are mere coincidence, but so much it does terrify me a little. Even the comments they both gave are similar (both thought I am cute and intelligent, and both thought I didn't like them at the slightest because there was no signals, or so they both thought).

      I do agree though, I don't think anyone forgets about their exs per se. You'll always remember your exs and cherish the lessons they taught you and the joy they shed on you.

      I'm just hoping I'm not trying to "replace" my ex with this new guy - it's just very unfair to him. That's where my confusion arises.

    • I think its wonderful that you are concerned. I suspect you'll do great, no matter which way you choose to handle it.

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  • First move on then date... Cause if you give this guy a chance and You don't move on or someday feel that you wanna get back with your ex you will break his heart for no reason and he would hate you forever...

    So just because you miss your ex doesn't mean you have a right to use someone as a rebound to fill that space or feeling... That's wrong..

    Move on completely first then date..


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  • Wait till you heal.. Cause then you'll be hurting the other guy by not telling him you're still into your ex..

    • But it's not like I don't have any interest towards the new guy..

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    • Hope everything works out great! 😊