Best friends brother?

Ok so I've known both my best friend and her bro for about 2 years now. They're awesome. 8 months ago her brother and i started flirting and talking and getting to know eachother- which slowly turned into texting day and night until this day. In the midst of this, one night when he was drunk I remember him telling me that he tries to vision himself being with the girl in the long term before he actually asks her out. 5 months into getting to know eachother, we hookup for the first time and go all the way- he was sober.. he told everyone it was great and he wanted to hang out more with me... It was amazing. Everyone thought we were a great couple hah. A week later he goes to a party with this chick that ends up being a girl he has asked out on a date, despite asking to catch up with me once after that night too. The girl, who he introduced to everyone at the latest event, was all over him Infront of me- alone, I wanted to kiss him so badly. I'm too nervous to confront him. Even after many glances across the room, flirty moves and looks. What's happened? Why didn't he tell me? Taken aback by what's happened, too nervous to ask, because whenever we see eachother we still flirt and deliberately, subtly touch eachother, to this day- and still text a lot. What is going through his mind? Am I doing something wrong?


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  • guess he's afraid of u>

    • Why would he be so afraid of me? Literally all I do is talk just as much as he does! #confused

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