Should I ask when I see him?

First off dated my boyfriend years ago. We broke up went our own ways and reconnected and starting dating again in August.
He broke up with me again in April for not him having a job and needing his life in order, feeling like he was relying on me. We went through a lot over the years and last few months. ( I was pregnant but complications and am not). Pictured our lives together and getting married one day and moving in together.

Well after the breakup I guess i didn't give him much space so it pushed him further away when he told me he needed his time. He now recently got a new girlfriend may 13th. He posted pictures on instagram of her etc. When i ask some things about her he said he didn't care. We also have been having sex with each other these past few weeks since they have gotten together. I know we should not do that and its horrible. I want him back in my life and to start our own. Is he with this girl to see whats out there? to fill a void or what?

The next time i see him is it ok to ask him if he loves her, and why he is still doing this with me? etc and just express my feelings. If there is any chance for us ever again? or what is going on. Do you think i have the right to ask? Its so hard to not be with someone you love and to see them with someone else

Ugh! I dont get it he posts instagram pictures making her his wcw saying he's so lucky to have her etc but yet does this.. Can i ask him if he loves her?


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  • I think you should stop seeing him regardless of what you say the next time you see him!

    That girl doesn't even know that he's seeing you, does she? How would you feel? Besides that, if he's doing that to her, what makes you think he wouldn't, and hasn't done it to you? I would ask him what he intends to gain by seeing the two of us at the same time, and that I wouldn't stand for him two-timing.