Do you ever look at someone's picture and wish you could be wherever they are?

Do you ever look at a person's picture and wish you could be wherever they are? Maybe someone you miss, like a ex boyfriend or girlfriend. or maybe someone you have a crush on. I haven't got the courage to tell this gitl that I constantly think of her everyday. I wonder if she thinks of me... I find myself staring at her picture atleat 3 to 5 times a day,😔 wondering how she's doing, I wanna tell her how I missed her and ask how's her day going but out of respect I can't, I made a promise to step back and let her achieve her accomplishments in life... I often wonder when or where will she find happiness, she's soo focused on success she acts like she's sacrificing soo much... But who am I to judge, I honestly couldn't fathom her life. Im sure she spares time for fun but I just wish I could reveal my feelings to her and listen at her tell me about her life.😔 but a promise is a promise...
Anyway can anyone relate? Do you look at someone's picture and wish you could be where they are or at least talk to them once again?

Do you ever look at someone's picture and wish you could be wherever they are?

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  • There's this guy who is just a friend but I've loved him for years. I know he doesn't feel the same about me but thinks I'm cool and wants to hang out with me. I'd hang out with him but my feelings are too strong. So I love him from afar.

    • Everytime you show up in my post you always say the right words, everything I've always wanted to hear, simy because I can relate to it... In beginning to wonder how you do that lol

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    • Sometimes in order to plead someone or avoid conflict you have to be fake and agree and allow them to lie because it's obvious their hiding the truth behind a mask themselves sooo😒

    • Sometimes people stay set on only their way of thinking because that's what feels safe to them and I can't really dictate how other people SHOULD be thinking. Who is to say they don't possess their own brand of genius that I don't notice? I don't pick on anyone for being dumb per se unless they are being totally rude about it and/or mean. At that point they are asking for me to check them muahaha!

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  • Oh yeah. I look at pics of Nick Jonas and wish everyday 😂

    Nah but seriously, outside of people that are no longer on earth, there is one person who's picture I look at and wish I was where he is. But I'm not. And probably will never be so yeah.

  • Absolutely.


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  • nah... veeeeery rarely

  • Sometimes i wish i could be with some of the Fucking arrogant cunts on here and beat the shit out of them.

    I bet they aren't so tough when they aren't hiding behind a fucking keyboard talking shit and being bellends.

    • Lol! This guy is my new best friend 😎👍🏽

    • Y fank u ;)