Why would a girl act like this? Does she like me or not?

So I asked a girl out and she said yes. But whenever I see her in class, she usually acts telly aloof. She still smiles at me when I go to talk to her but will never initiate anything. When I do talk to her, she awfully quiet. She still smiles at what I say but often acts very aloof and doesn't say much. She mostly doesn't make eye contact eh I speak to her she just plays around with her hands or whatever. When she does do some talking she sometimes looks at me an smiles but mostly acts cold. We haven't gone out our date yet but when I brought up just getting a coffee she said yes. She kinda seems uninterested but still agrees to go out. She's the kinda girl who likes to play games. She's really busy and since she's kept me waiting, I sorta said how maybe now is not a good time to date since she's so busy with work and stuff. She don't seem very phased and just said are you sure? Does she like me or not? Or is she just leading me on to a date that won't ever happen?

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  • is she da same gal u were chasin a few weeks ago bro?

    • Well... Yea. Ignoring didn't really seem to work. It did for a while but I think it too much. She tried getting my attention but when I didn't give it to her she gave up.

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  • I think she may have low self esteem and needs confidence and assurance That you are interested in her

    • What makes you think she has low self esteem? I mean, she popular at school, and she's pretty. And guys give her attention, even if they aren't actually interested and just mess around. Also, what do I do about a girl with low self esteem?

What Guys Said 2

  • she is soooo timid.

    • True she is really timid, what can I do about that?

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    • Afraid t express herself? Could that mean low self esteem in a way? Or low self confidence?

    • those are the same thing and yes it means that :)

  • She doesn't like/want PDA, or wants to play hard to get or seem open to other boys (FLAG).

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