Would you say a girl likes you if she often asks if you are going to attending the same event she is planning on attending?

This girl often asks me if I am going to go to these different social events that occur each week. There are a couple of them, and usually the day before, or the day of, she will ask if I am going to them. In this time I give her my answer, which is mostly yes, and it turns out she is going to go too. The other day she asked if I was going to go to an event, I said yes, and she said she was going. While I was there, I was standing by the door talking to this guy. I had my hand in my pocket and she walked up to me and asked me if I was leaving (which I wasn't).. Sound promising for me?


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  • Not necessarily. I always ask my friends if they're going to some places because I need to be sure there's gonna be people there and I'll have someone to hang out with. Maybe she is into you or maybe she isn't. This isn't enough info.

    • Oh she doesn't need to worry about not having someone to hang out it. She knows everyone at these things and so she can talk to anyone and they will talk to her.

      What was interesting about a couple days ago was we didn't even really talk to each other before she walked up and asked if I was leaving. Which I thought was strange because if weren't talking, why would it matter if I left or not?

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    • Fair enough. Thanks for the help!

    • No prob. Good luck!

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  • yes it does!


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  • Yeah I think she might like you.

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