Should you not give up on a girl you really like?

So I met a girl I really like at work on the buses. We were talking last week and we chatted a lot with each other and got along well with no awkwardness. She is based at another depot from me but met in the bus station where our buses terminate. So I asked her out via another driver from her depot who I know and he replied to me that she isn't looking for a relationshp at the moment and not with someone from within the company, but thought I was a really nice lad.

What I have found out from a driver who treated her badly was this driver would sleep with her for a while and then transferred from her depot to ours and blocked her on Facebook and blocked her number and never spoke to her again without warning. He said "you just move on." So clearly he used her for sex.

Is it this other guy from within our company that has hurt her so much as to reject relationships with other drivers? I genuinely like her and wouldn't do what he did. I think its still raw for her.


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  • If she doesn't want to be with you, she doesn't want to be with you. Personally, if you're stupid enough to get tricked and used for sex, then you're not someone I want to be with. But I have very high standards, I'm very good at reading people and personally I want someone who is intellectually my equal in that regard.

    As for you, don't force anything. If she ain't ready, she ain't ready. That's her call and when it comes to romance, it takes two to tango. I would suggest just being friends, treat her kindly, and DON'T go in expecting her to suddenly say yes to you. In fact, you're best going into the whole thing only expecting to be platonic friends, and nothing more. That way, if things don't work out romantically, fine. If things DO work out romantically, that's good too.


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  • She is not interested in you though. So I'd say that you should give up.


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  • Sounds like she doesn't trust the drivers in the company