Online Dating? *help a newbie out*

Has anyone ever done that? I used to think it was kinda weird but I'm open to the idea now. It's a little strange to me maybe partly because I've never done it, and also because I'm used to the in person thing. Well for those of you who have done online dating: How did it go? I am thinking of putting a profile up on a popular dating site so any advice and tips, stories that you have...I would love if you shared it here!


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  • I've met some really nice people on the net. But it never was from a social networking site.

    It was in connection with another interest group, like Harry Potter, Over-50 online chat group. You can scope out people and decide who you'd like to develop a friendship with.

    The down side to this is that these relationships can get more intense than the in-person kind.

    You may want to do a video camera session to confirm what the person says. Like if he claims 6'2", 220lbs and on camera he has equal height and width...

    Beware of the 'kind, caring, sensitive, likes walks on the beach' b/s descriptions. Or the ones who describe themselves as one thing and then nullify it with a contrary statement, trying too hard to be all things to all people.

    If it has to be said, it might not be true.

    Shorter profiles are better than long profiles. Just like questions asked on GirlsAskGuys.


  • I met my ex girlfriend on my space we were dating for about 6 months at first everything was good until one day she left me, after that happen I will never look for girls online because I had a bad expirience. But try it out you may have better luck then me you never know. Good luck !


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