How do you text the girl or guy you like?

When texting your crush or signigicant other, do you start the conversation in the morning, text throughout the day, then text each other good night, and then start a new conversation the next morning?

Or do you text each other through out the day, let the conversation flow as if you are talking in person, and when one of you falls asleep, you just wait for them to respond the next morning and have the conversation start up again as if it never stopped?

What I am getting at is, do you start a new conversation every day or do you just start from where you left off from the previous texts?

My crush and I do the continous conversation rather than starting over everyday.

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  • Continue from the prior nights conversation
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  • start a new one.


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What Girls Said 1

  • We do not even text each other every day I can take like 1 week to get in touch with him again and when I do text him it is a new conversation.


What Guys Said 1

  • Why does it have to be one or the other? Start the new day bringing in new stuff about what's going on today but keep referring back to past conversations.

    That's how you build up shared experience and common ground whilst keeping things fresh at the same time... easy enough.

    • I guess that is kind of what I meant the second option to be. I don't just stick with what she said at the last text, I will add in some new things to keep the conversation going and interesting