If you'd been dating someone for a long time, and you really felt that you'd found the one (he/she is attractive, intelligent, caring)?

... and you were seriously considering that you might want to marry this person... and one night, it just feels right, and the two of you make sweet, passionate love and fall asleep in eachothers' arms... and it turns out that the other half of this *perfect* future union and loving partnership has walking night-terrors in which he/she believes he/she is a ninja (and *very* convincingly so), and pretty much every other living thing is some sort of godless, sociopathic villain. And when the cops intervene (waking him/her in the process), they seem to be on a first-name basis with him/her, which suggests this happens regular... Do you...

  • Break it off because ninjas aren't real, and if he/she is going to have a walking night-terror, it should at-least be about real shit...
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  • Continue to pursue this unbelievably perfect relationship, but make sure to hide all the cutlery every night so that nobody gets hurt too bad...
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  • Stick it out until the very end because someone with a legit excuse to beat people nearly to death (and maybe can be directed toward your enemies) is an assett not to be wasted...
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Well... then... carryon... 😈😁


Most Helpful Girl

  • I voted C but you should tell them that they do that, lol.

    But at night hide anything they could use as a weapon and tie them to the bed. lol


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What Girls Said 2

  • Deffinitley stay with them and hide the cutlery...

  • hide all cutlery items for sure


What Guys Said 2

  • Good luck... Will definitely keep your nights interesting

  • As we'd known each other for so long I'd want to know why she hadn't told me. If it hadn't been for the concealment I would want to continue things, but given that she let me fall asleep with her while knowing she'd likely turn violent/out of control shows a disregard for me.

    • What if he/she honestly wasn't aware of it? Or at least not the severity?

    • How could they not be if the police routinely awoke her, and knew her? Surely there would be signs of the damage left behind?

    • She just couldn't get her head around it. She irrationally, doggedly didn't believe anything she saw or heard, like it must have been an elaberate prank or something... Kind of like how a lot of people never get their heads around snoring or sleepwalking... but with ninja-fighting...