Girls, I need some advice with what to do with a girl for the first time I actually like, any advice?

I have finally found someone I actually really just click and connect with. We have gone on a couple dates, and we can sit in silence and it not feel awkward it's something I really desire in a girlfriend.

We mostly communicate through text, as my job has me travel and I am gone for 1-3 months typically but then off for a good amount of time as well.

We were really connecting and before I had to leave for work we spent the day together, but I was scared to make a move because I would've felt guilty, and didn't want her to think I was just trying to use her and toss her away.

(In high school I had a reputation of doing that with quite a lot of the girls and it has followed me out of school since, now that I've matured I can see how cruel it was but the past is what it is.)

For the first time though I am actually struck and want to talk to her, and be with her. I enjoy her personality and her company.

We stayed in contact as I was gone, had Valentine's Day flowers sent, and bought her a tattoo gun and all the supplies (she's an artist and always talked about wanting to learn how to tattoo) on her birthday, but she became interested in another person while I was gone, which I can't be upset about as there wasn't any time for roots to be placed due to me leaving so soon.

I am back and I've tried to get a date planned. I've texted her twice but I believe she is chasing a person that isn't interested in her (ironic)

I haven't heard from her for a week and a half, I sent her a text, and she responded then I asked her out and didn't hear from her since I was considering sending her one last text before cutting contact and giving up.

Something along the lines of

"Hey, figure you've been busy, I had a lot of fun last time we went out, and I want to take you out this weekend and catchup.

Any advice, would be greatly appreciated.


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  • That should work if she is free and still interested in you.

  • that sounds good! send it.