I think his confidence level is kind of low. As is mine. How should I proceed?

I started talking to this guy that I met online. We made a plan to meet up, but before we did, I told him I was nervous. He said I shouldn't worry about it because it wouldn't be a big deal, and that he was pretty sure I wasn't gonna find him attractive anyway cause he thinks he's really average. In his words he "doesn't generate a lot of heat. Some guys are fire, some are mud".
So we met, and the thing is, I think he was absolutely lovely. We walked his dog, and he was so sweet, and funny, and was great to talk to. And I honestly did find him attractive. So before I got in my car to leave, he said thanks for walking my dog, and we should do it again sometime, and I should send him a message. Which I did when I got home. We haven't exchanged numbers yet, which I suppose would be the next step?
Problem is, I went on a date with a guy a couple weeks ago, and he did the whole "I'll text you" thing before we parted ways, and I never heard from him again. I had thought that went well, but apparently not, so now my confidence is a bit shaken. I'm kind of doubting my instincts and abilities.
So basically, I'm not entirely sure how to proceed here.


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  • text him!! he sounds really sweet. i mean u got a good vibe from him then i would definitely do it! as much as it hurt the last time, you'll never know if u dont try.. this could turn into something special. hope it works out! all the best!


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  • dont worry, be happy like the song. message him again and try again and say i forgot to give you my number (blond moment lolz) make him make the next move. sounds like he has been heartbroken before


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  • give each other time.

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