How do I go about dating after a long relationship..

So I recently got off an extremely long relationship (3 yrs) and its been about a month since the break up... I'm not looking for a rebound, I really want to go out and date different people.. How do I go about this since its been a while since I've been in the game? Another thing... would my ex take this extremely personal? She's the one that broke up with me while I tried fixing things and she said she didn't care anymore.. so should I feel guilty if I want to date?


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  • don't feel guilty it is over... you don't have to feel comitted still...

    on the other hand if youare going out on dates with people make sure that they know that you are not absolutely at all looking for a relationship just some fun. don't make a girl believe otherwise at any point on a date either.

    also I would say when you do decide you are ready to go back out there and get a new girlfriend not just dating anymore I would say wait like a year.. give yourself some time to get over this girl date around have some fun...

    THEN start a relationship. just make sure you are ready first.

    have fun dating. I miss it. :-(


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