A guy who always ditches you to hang out with friends and doesn't always stay home to talk to you.. What should I do?

Okay so my boyfriend just got his ankle bracelet off, he had it on for a month. But we started dating a day before he got it off. Ever since then he's been going out with friends every night and barely talked to me. Only when he came home at night because he has wifi only. I know he isn't cheating. But anyways he told me he was gonna meet up with me and then he never showed... Today he said we are gonna meet up and never followed through. What should I do? I want to grab his attention and make him like "damn I need this girl in my life, she's actually helping me". Because I am honestly. We only been dating for 2 weeks. But is this okay? Because it's early in the relationship so he isn't gonna listen to me yet? I know he cares, I think. So please help:(


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  • Tell him this straight to his face that u need more attention and time


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  • He doesn't care about you at all. I would dump him.