I don't know how I feel about this girl but I messed up bad so do you think I should just give up?

I've known this girl for 4 months and she sits behind me in Math class. She's super hot but I like her personality more than that. She's doesn't give a **** if you don't like her. She has multiple guy friends which she acts differently than she does when she's around me but that's most likely because we all are different people. But I love watching videos of her doing dumb stuff and laughing and she says that's so mean lol. I talk to her more than anyone right now. I'm now going to a private school for my sophomore year and she's staying at that public school but yesterday got me thinking because she was so energetic because we only have one day left of school and she was talking about how she's gonna miss me and I'm gonna miss her too. She's not coming tomorrow so I know I'm a slim possibility. I just feel happier when I'm around her it's weird. She just gave her number to another guy so I'm basically done for lol. I didn't even ask for her number, so yeah I'm done for. I think I should just up, what do you think?

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Yup I'm gonna give up, its ok to the 3 people that said I shouldn't but I think mathematically I have a better chance at winning the lottery than staying with a girl like her


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  • Never give up on the ones you care about, tell her how you feel, you never know, your feelings might be mutual. Think of it this way, if she was crushing on you but was clueless on how you felt about her and decided to move on cause nothing would happen, how would you feel? Honestly I think it would be better to have a straight answer, so the future won't hold the "shoulda" "woulda" "what ifs" etc. good luck~!

    • How would I tell her though

    • Take her for a walk somewhere you can be alone or where you can easily speak your mind. You probably will feel nervous and that's completely normal, just make sure you're ready to tell her but don't just blurt it out, start up a conversation that can lead up to your desired topic and casually add hints of your affection (like eye contact or smiling at her for no reason) to see how she reacts, if all goes well tell her how you feel

    • I won't see her though she isn't going to school tomorrow/today

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  • Well you should she has any social media

  • just give up.

    • I'm probably like 95% sure I'm gonna give up unless something magical happens lol

    • sometimes, the best thing is worth waiting for.

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