I thought our date went well, but I feel like he just brushed me off?

We met online, talked for about three or four days, and then met up today. We walked his dog, and it was really chill, and easy-going, and fun. He's great to talk to.
So when we were parting ways afterwards, he said thanks and that we should do it again sometime, and that I should message him. Which I did when I got home. Just said thanks. We'd still been talking on the app we met on, so I suggested that we switch to texting. Asked him what he thought of that.
He responded with "haha your call" and put down his number.
Now I'm all confused cause he seemed awfully non-committal and disinterested. And kinda cold. So I don't know if it was out of line/weird for me to ask, or if he's actually not interested, or if he was busy (he had just started work) or if I'm just reading way too much into this. I'm just really inexperienced, and even just sending him that was scary and hard to do, and made me feel pretty vulnerable.
I responded and jokingly said "man, always making me make the hard decisions :P", and he just said "haha I'm just at work ;P". I haven't sent anything back.
So help, I don't know what to think.


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  • I think you are reading too much into this because you are insecure and feel vulnerable. I don't think he brushed you off. He even wrote you that he's at work, which means he can't really concentrate on texting right now. Many guys suck at texting. I learned over time not to worry if they sound cold when texting, because if a guy really isn't interested in you, he won't text back at all, or at least not for several hours. It's how they act when they see you in person that gives you an idea how they feel about you. I would just wait and see if he suggests another date eventually. I think you'll be fine. by the way your answer to his message was really funny :-)

    • I guess u hit the nail right on the head. Guys are not much ino texting now I can verifytis with a man I met 2 months ago and we text once in a while. Women embellish a lotand we text a lot on the contrary men go straight to the point when they want to answer you something that took u a long text just to say a small thing. I also think that when the guy I like does not respond me to questiions I asked him I believe he is cold but maybe they were doing something else while texting and not focusing really on the phone. But this guy answers me eventualy even if it takes him like a week, otherwise I text him first. I think I hve to start learning that guys do not like to text that much over the phone and if they text they text briefly and go straight to the point.

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  • He's probably just trying to put off an aura of aloofness to gauge and pique your interest since y'all met online and you probably have tons of guys messaging you

  • sounds like he is being friendly, and put you in the friend zone.


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