What are the chances of him asking me for my number or something?

So this quiet, shy guy hadbeen really into me and crazy about me for some time and I was just like what the heck. But I'm into him too. And I'm shy, he's shy, so I just talked to my friend and she went to talk to him and hooked us up pretty much. She left our work area to go talk to him, then she came back and said "it's official between you and him!" I said "really? I wasn't expecting that" and I laughed a little. And I'm 18 almost 19 and she said he's 32 but I don't care about age. I don't date for age, so I don't care if anyone says anything about that. But technically we're in a relationship and I just can't believe we're together with no contact info! If he's quiet and shy, how likely is it that he's gonna say something? Also, the way I found out he was interested was through my friend


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  • not very good.

    • It's my job? I don't know if he has ever been in a relationship but it doesn't seem like it

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  • Man this dude at 32 is one hell of a chump.

    • Lol it doesn't sound like it? I don't even know if he has ever been in a relationship but it doesn't seem like it.

    • That doesn't matter, he could be a virgin none of that makes him a chump. What makes him a chump is that he wants you and yet is so shy he cannot even come and speak to you. This sounds like two 10 years dating, not two adults. Now he may have some problems with social anxiety and if he does I retract my statement but damn dude at least talk to the woman.

    • Yeah. And I talked to him today there after work a little bit before my ride came to go home but yeah. Damn is right. And he asked me "do you talk a lot or just a little?" I said "well, sometimes I'm more shy and sometimes I'm more social." Then he said "I don't really talk much like on the phone." I think he's good we talked a little today but come on

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