Girl Accepts date with me then I dont hear back from her, is it going down?

ok i asked her out last Monday to go out on a date with me Thursday & last wenday night she was at her friends house and they did acid something happned and i didn't hear from her till Monday, i work with her friend and he told me Sunday what happend cause he was with her and apparnetly she got in some stuff (her mom came looking for her) and he said no1 hasn't heard from her since Thursday morning when her mom came and got her from their friends house. Monday she text me that she was sorry about our date and some stuff when down she can't exactly tell me about it (she doesn't know i know what went down) and that she will take me out if i will allow her too, now i said yea thats fine and cool with me and then i didn't hear back from her a whole week. now i just texted her today to that she should come see a movie with me tomroow (insidious) and she texted me back in 2 mins and said "okay, but i get off work at 7" i told her ok and it doesn't start till 9 and i didn't hear back from her so I don't know if we will go out tomroow but ill still troll out another message if were going. the thing is a guy i know texted her asking her if she wanted to hangout sometime with him and she never responded to him so she at least she's not ignoring me but she's hard to read


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  • Why don't you try calling her in order to set another date?


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  • So... what went down? Yes it's relevant since she didn't contact you for awhile. Sounds like she is fine with seeing the movie.

    • its a lot to type out if you want ill message you haha

    • No it's fine. Like I said from what you've said she might be down for the date.

    • ok i will