My date didn't contact me for 5 days already, should I wait or move on?

We like each other and kida dating. He is very busy I know, and always goes abroad for work. BUT I kinda can't bare that he didn't contact me for 5 days. We know for 2 months, and only had 3 dates! He can at least calls me or messages me but he didn't.

Should I forget about him OR contact him?


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  • Why you didn't call, if it is already 5 days. My thoughts... contact him.


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  • Maybe he was busy or forgot

    • I know he is busy for sure, but if he does care about me, he shouldn't forget.. so I'm kinda sad and don't want to see him anymore

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    • yes.. shouldn't I move on? I already deleted him as my contact, if he doesn't contact me, then I will forget it

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