Girls would u date a guy who has no plans to go to college?

Girls would u date a guy who has no plan to go to coeelge til he about 25. Reverse it around for guys would u date a girl like that

See I'm a artists and a writer and I'm focused on my craft and perfecting it. I'm only 22 I work two minum wage jobs one part time full time but I worry girls these only care about stability and money so I think they would think I'm not a good choice for there time.

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Update its not that I wouldn't go to college now it just that I believe in chasin your dream and that's what I feel life is about.

College doesn't equal success. It better ur chances. yes but look at all the people didn't go or who dropped out to follow there dream. Eminem Katy Perry hopsin Tyler the creater Iggy azalea Ryan higa and CtG. So I would rather try and chase my dream for a little while the. Not chase dream at all. I could always go do something I don't like sitting in a office.


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  • I'm at university so I want a partner who is more or less the same as me. Financial stability is a must. If a guy is only going to go to college at 25 I don't see how we'll have much in common as he'll be in a different life stage than me. At 25 I'll be working and he'll be at college. It just doesn't seem right to me. It doesn't have anything to do with money. I'm just a very ambitious person and grew up poor so I have a strong drive to be with someone who is equally as driven and passionate about being financially stable.

    • I knew you say. but its better to hear it. So what do you want to do with your life. What's your career choice. If u mind me asking.

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    • What made you pick that career choice

    • I have always been interested in the business world. In my second year at uni I took the subject and became interested in it enough for me to want to major in it.

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  • I have a similar thought as @XRabbitHeartX. I grew up poor so education is very valuable and important. I am also a very ambitious person.

    I personally don't approach a guy's "bank". I approach a guy's knowledge/education/degree more than how much money they have. Because education/degree to me is the bank. That's the cash inflow. I want a partner that has a higher level of education than me or at least the same as mine.

    • So what if they didn't have higher education but is worth millions because they inherited it.

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    • OK it get it thanks for playing. One last question does college equal success

    • Of-course, he can pursue his dream. And of-course I would date someone who is pursing his dream. Although he pursuing his dream, he has to be able to contribute when it comes to dating.

      To me college does not equal success. But college gives you a different look in the society. If you don't have college degree, you have to be very successful in order to have a "good look" in the society.

  • Absolutely not. I like ambitious, I like educated. You're not for me

    • Oh wow didn't say I was.

    • Neither did I. You asked a question and you got an answer. I never said it would be an answer you'd enjoy

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  • I highly doubt any girl would. A guy making money is very important for girls.

    • Wow that's shallow. But if if were vice verse would date a girl like that

    • That's the thing. Even after feminism accomplishing so much where even women can work and get proper education like men rather than staying in the kitchen, women are still just as demanding of men to be making money. Funny cause day by day and year by year, the number of men demanding women to be able to cook and do a lot of homely things like doing the laundry and washing the dishes are decreasing. A lot of men don't require women to work either but oh well. But women will never admit to being the word shallow and instead call us sexist for calling them out on it.

    • Hmph that's crazy I would never do that to someone. I see why ballplayer and other rich men treat woman the way they do now. I wouldn't but I see why. Your basically only with me for my money. Me personally isee it like you didn't believe in me when I'm down now that I'm up you want me. Why should I care about u. But that just one view.

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