What is the best way to ask a girl if she sees anything between us?

Do I straight up tell her that I like her and ask if she likes me?
Do I just ask if she sees anything between us more than just friends?

The thing is, I feel like she likes me. I don't know how much, but I feel she does. She might be moving out of state soon so I want to have this conversation so I don't regret it later.

I will do it in person, but I just want to know how to go about it. Obviously I plan on leading into that subject and not just dropping a bomb on her.


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  • basically do u have any signs she likes u back?

    • We have been on two dates, she will ask if I am going places that she is thinking about going (like if someone invites her to hangout as a big group, she will ask if I am going) we hug each other goodbye, we text quite a bit, she usually will sit by me when we are together..

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    • I am not trying to ask her out or for us to be exclusive. I am trying to see if she sees us every being exclusive. With her possibly moving away, I would want to know if pursuing her is worth it.

    • sure it worths then

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  • Straightforward is best. I'm oblivious to subtle 'signs'.

    • I feel that is the best way too. I haven't done this before so I figured I would ask to see what people say

    • Maybe you can try subtle first, but if she doesn't get it, it's better to be straightforward. You'll regret later that you haven't tried 'everything' you could.

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  • Raise your hand, in front of your face. Ask her how many fingers you are holding up. She will say five. Then you ask her what else she sees between you.

    You got this bro.

    • Haha that is pretty good. I feel like that would make the situation more of a joke. I am trying to get a serious answer. I will keep it in mind though!

  • you should ask her to do something