An evil and/or *spectacularly* near-sighted wizard has turned your SO (who you've sworn you'd love forever) into a lobster, or possibly a clam?

And after a protracted slap-fight he *still* refuses to change him/her back... Do you:

  • Keep your word no matter how unforseeable this turn of events was back when you promised to love him/her *forever* by nutrient-bathing and oiling his/her shell, and figuring out what the hell they eat and such...
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  • Take care of him/her/it... but start seeing someone else, because afterall he/she/it can't possibly fulfill all of your needs, and you're only human...
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  • Immediately put a pot of water on, and melting butter...
    Vote C
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm sorry, I just really love lobster.

    • Hahaha-ha! I was *just* about to accuse that at-least one somebody was lying if nobody picked "c". You're my hero

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    • They don't actually shriek. It's steam escaping from their shells.

    • "that is the most metal thing I ever heard... Highfive"

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  • I would take care of my baby clam but eventually move on, probably but it would take me some years but Id have hope of changing things blah blah.

    • Wow, I totally missed a great opportunity, I hadn't noticed you said *those* words in *that* order...

  • tell the wizard I told you to turn him into prince charming not a lobster.

  • Boil.
    Broke up yesterday, yeah!

  • I would do the best that I can for him. But... if there is absolutely no way to change him back and it's been a while, I'd start seeing someone else. I'm not into bestiality...

    • Ya, I'm not even really sure beastiality is a possibility in this case... and certainly not the point of the question...

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    • Why not "c"?

    • I can't eat shellfish. Plus I wouldn't eat him, I mean I loved him in his human form...

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