If a guy is shy is it common for him to give off mixed feelings about dating a girl?

-We met on a dating site 5years ago.
-We didn't have sex right away when we did I initiated it.
-We never dated
-I blocked him and he still texted me continuously for 8 months. (I secretly unblocked him for months to see if he still texted. Then basically to see if he said anything else other than hey.)
-the first time He let me meet his parents and we all hung out he waited until I got home to tell me "he wanted to kiss me so bad" even tho we were alone together before I left. But he didn't
-when he hangs with me the last few years it hasn't been anything other than 15-20 mins a year. He always bails on me.
-I was on another dating site with out a picture last year and he wrote my old dating user name with a question mark asking if it was me. Basically.
i asked a similar question last night got no answers so I asked him why? And he said he has always liked me. i asked him does he only decide he likes me when he isn't talking to other girls his response was I was just thinking of you then basically asked him the same question as this he said he didn't have an answer... I feel like he likes me more than he is saying but I feel like I told him before that we should date but i don't know if I did and I can't pull up an answer. I like him too (not as much as I did when I first met him) . Just hate getting blown off all the time but confused bc of the getting blown off part and why we haven't started dating all this time and why when we hang out its never long. (His choice)!


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  • It doesn't sound like this is going anywhere ever. It seems to me you're just pissed about being blown off by a guy. Lower your ego and move on

    • im not mad about him blowing me off. And it has nothing to do with ego. I'm just confused on how he acts I've been talking to him longer than any guy ever. Because he talks to me I rarely ever contact him probably 3 times I have stRted a co fversation via text with him since I've known him

    • Again it doesn't sound that he's all that interested in having anything more than what you have now

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  • it is common.