My boyfriend keeps trying to make me jealous. Why does he do this?

So, he will say something like "I'm gonna text my other girlfriend after I've dropped you off home" and then laugh. Then he will say something like "You know I'm joking right?"

I usually don't say anything but just smile at him. He's done this a couple of times now. I know he isn't cheating or anything like that, but why would he keep saying things like that? Does he want to make me jealous and feel better about himself or something like that?


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  • He is just joking. I think it's funny, I joke like that with my boyfriend all the time. But when I'm jealous I will def let him know. It kind of turns me on to know other women want him xD


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  • He probably thinks he is being funny

    • It was funny the first time lol.. but now it's getting a bit old

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  • If I had a boyfriend that did that, I'd be pretty annoyed because If I did that, he'd wanna curse me out. Tell him that you don't like it. If he's worth his salt, he'll stop, if not, dump that guy