A lot of our mutual friends want us to be in a relationship? Does that mean anything?

My crush and I are always around each other. A lot of our mutual friends come up to me at church and ask if we are together, I tell them that we aren't and then they always tell me "You guys would make an amazing couple" or "I hope you guys make it" or "You guys would be cute together"

I have never had so many people wish that I was in a relationship with a girl before.. Does this mean anything? None of my past relationships were ever this popular.

I want to be in the relationship. She seems interested in me, but it just find it weird that everyone is commenting on us.


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  • OK, I'm a little confused. Doesn't "my crush" refer to a girl for whom you have feelings? And if you are around each other a lot, isn’t that sort of seeing each other?

    In regards to your question, normally I would not consider it significant that people say you make a nice couple because they generally base this on looks. However, you said this was at church. If you are talking about people who take their faith seriously, then their priorities will be more grounded. If you grew up in this church, then they know both of you from close association over time. I would pay attention and give credence to their opinion, especially if some of these people are older than you.

    • I do have feelings for this girl. We are never around each other in the sense of being alone one on one. We are mostly seen at the same events and sometimes talking to each other. I wish we were exclusive, that would be amazing.

    • Dude, what are you waiting for. Fortune favors the brave.

    • Too be honest, I am afraid of ruining it all and having to start over with someone else..
      But at the same time, I really need to talk to her about how she feels about me

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  • It doesn't matter what your friends say. Does she seem interested in you?

    • She does seem interested in me. Sometimes she makes it obvious other times it is less subtle. I just wonder if they say these things because they know something I don't? I don't know if they tell her the same thing or what

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  • Be in a relationship because YOU want to.

    • I want to be in the relationship. She seems interested in me, but it just find it weird that everyone is commenting on us.

    • Well it can't mean any more than you two simply looking good together. I guess others can see the chemistry between the both of you.

    • I guess that is a good sign that they can see the chemistry between us