Girl enjoys me talking about myself?

lol This is a first, usually it's the opposite. She never shows an interest back. Except i've realized I don't know a whole lot about her. I just need to start asking more questions I suppose. haha I thought girls hated it when a guy just talked about himself?


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  • Nah, I like hearing about him as long as he doesn't sound arrogant.


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  • Probably because she isn't much of a talker


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  • Yes. show you care about her, let her invest later. But at first, you gonna make her 'feel attracted' to you, which means you 'talking about yourself'
    but not too much, moderation is the key. Watch her reaction,
    if she starts talking, tune down your vibe, let her invest.

    • Do you do this with all girls? Or just in this particular case?

    • it comes with experience with girls...
      once she's hooked (aka asking u questions), let her do most of the talking
      but before that, you've to do more works.