Should I ask him where I/we stand? Or should I just wait and see what happens?

I met him online, we talked for a few days, then met up at a park to walk his dog and talk. It was lovely. I enjoyed myself, and I think he did as well. As we parted ways, he said thanks, and that we should do it again sometime, and that I should message him, which I did when I got home. Just said thanks. Asked if he wanted to switch to texting, since we were still using the messaging function on the app we met on. He just said "haha your call" and gave his number. That seemed weird, so I left it. Didn't hear from him for the rest of the day. He was working evenings though, so I guess he gets busy.
So I messaged him today, just asking how he was, and in his response (which was almost instant) he said he'd expected me to text him. So I did. We talked for a bit this afternoon. He sent the last message, but I haven't heard from him for the rest of the day.
So I don't know if he wants to date me, or be friends, or what, and I have a feeling that he might be confused about me as well. I'm not very good at showing my feelings. But I hate not knowing. So I was thinking I could say something like "I have somewhat of an awkward question, but I'm curious. Now that we've hung out, where do you want to go from here?". Something like that. I'm open to suggestions haha. I just don't want to come on too strong or anything.

Oh, and I feel like since we met yesterday I've been initiating a lot of the conversation, so I was going to maybe wait and see if/when he contacts me. I think he's not the most secure person, but neither am I, and I start feeling like maybe I'm being annoying.


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  • yikes, give it time. You have a great start there. It'll settle in.

    • I don't know in your case whether you should take the initiative or wait for him to. Don't let your confusion make it awkward though.

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    • good luck. I hope it works out, friend or boyfriend you'll have excellent company with that guy it seems.

    • Thank you very much, and I hope so.

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  • you should ask him.