Girls, how'd you react if a guy told you he lied about not making a special trip to pick something up for you?

Girl I'm talking to has been a tad down lately. Mostly it's finals kicking her ass, but she's been kinda sad and I wanted to cheer her up, but I almost let slip something...
The first time we planned to meet (our past meet ups were at parties) she needed a shirt for a costume she was improvising. I saw her asking people if they had such a shirt and how she couldn't afford to go to the thrift store even at the moment. She seemed upset she wasn't going to be able to do her costume. Now at this point we hadn't really hung out 1 on 1 but I was really into her and I enjoyed the level of variety and depth of out conversations (which is to say I was already crushing hard) so I decided I'd go out to the thrift store about 20 minutes from my house and buy it myself. But I figured us not being super close yet , I didn't want her to know I went out and bought it for her (I told her it was cheaper then it was so she wouldn't pay me back), so I told her that I was heading out that way and not to worry about paying me back or whatever.
But when she was sad I almost told her what I did so she could get an idea that she means something at the very least to me...
But then suddenly I'd look like a liar wouldn't i? Or maybe something else, I don't know... How would you respond in her shoes finding out the guy lied, even if it was sort of a white lie?


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  • If you explained to her you went out of your way but didn't want to admit that in case it gave off a clingy idea, she will probably be flattered. I definitely think you should tell her - she won't think you're a liar

    • Alright, I think I'm going to tell her then. I definitely will. However, a lot of people are saying it is creepy, do you think there's a way to say it that wouldn't sound weird?

  • It would be creepy...
    You haven't hung out one on one
    I wouldn't have accepted anything from you in the first place

    • Well for what it may or may not be worth, we'd talked a lot she'd started conversations, and we'd done some fairly hard flirting at the party beforehand.
      We had already decided we were going to hang out one on one at the thing... So it's not like I picked it out just so we could hang.
      What is creepy about it may I ask? I understand it's may come out as clingy, but I'd like to hear an elaboration since I rather not lie to her, but don't want it to be so weird.

    • Going to an effort with someone you're not close with
      Tell her if you want but it's weird and I'd recommend not. I can't imagine her reacting well, you'll make her uncomfortable

  • I'd find it just plain creepy.

  • i would be pissed.

  • I'd feel a little awkward

    • Awkward about what part, may I ask? I definitely wouldn't tell her the price difference.

    • Well, I guess if I liked him id think it was cute and be flattered, as someone else already said. But if I only viewed him as a friend I'd feel a little awkward.

    • Ah ok I gotcha. Should probably clarify that we're both pretty into one another...