Should I try getting her or not?

so here's the thing, my friend has an attractive girlfriend and his girlfriend has an attractive cousin who is her best friend, they want to set us up and help us date and start something , the girl is fairly attractive and she is a little younger than me , had an ex boyfriend , i talked to her once in person and she liked it we chatted over messenger and it as fun then she stopped it and told her friend that her ex saw her facebook messages and is mad because she is talking to some other guy so its better if we stop, i was like"fuck it i dont need this shit i can kick her exs ass but if she doesn't like me i can do nothing about it"so i'll just let it go... a month or two later my friend tells me to go hangout at the mall , we see his girl and her friend he whispers to my ear how she's back with her ex of 2 years i was like"thats great glad i helped" then he suggested i go talk to her but i refused since it will lead to nothing but broken hearts (been there , not interested to reapeat it) but he really wanted me to and even told me how the girl wants to talk to me she is waiting for me to approach her and talk to her i refused a couple times then went along with their plan and talked to her , she said how she liked talking to me and how i never bothered her with anything and how she has a boyfriend who lives an hour away (i live 10 mins away) and it was fun talking to me and meeting me and she liked it , things got a little heated when other people arrived at the place we were at so we had to stop talking, i left with my friend she left with hers and i just let it go i knew it won't lead to anything but then my friend asks me what happened and i told him then a couple days later he's like " that girl wanna talk to you again she said you never got to finish your conversation that day" i was skeptical and wanted to know if it will lead to something before i meet her again i told him to ask his girl if her friend likes me or not (she does according to his gf) cause iam not interested in wasting my time.


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  • She sounds like a lot of work.

    I wouldn't bother

    • exactly what i was thinking , her friends admitted that she is just playing hard to get , i was like " look i have no time and i am not going to put in any effort "

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    • i realize how girls play games , they play hard to get and really busy... etc i gave her enough attention and made sure she knows i am interested , now its her move i told her friends no matter what she decides i am fine with it have no time nor effort to try and get her if there is a chance that we might be together then maybe then i might try something but as long as she has a boyfriend even if their realtionship is weaker than before and she doesn't express her desire in dating me iam not gonna even try.

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  • She's On and Off with her boyfriend. She might be using you.
    The best thing you can do is stay away.


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  • Be clear with her, if you want to get with her she shouldn't talk to her ex anymore.

    • she told me they've together for 2 years and i asked her if they are still dating , she said for a while they broke up , now they are kinda dating they would stop talking to each other for a while then talk again , she said they're kinda dating but to a lesser degree so iam exatly getting her.

    • Clearly she isn't mature enough to make a clear commitment. I think she is trying hold you on the line.

      So I would have ditched her.

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