Ok, we've talked *a lot* about how dick size and whatnot don't necessarily equate with bad sex... so what does?

What are, say, the top three things someone might do or not do to make sex awful? What's the worst sexual experience you've ever been involve in?


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  • Not being able to find the clit. Poor lubrication. Selfishness.

    • I always thought that "not being able to find the clit", was just something they told virgin boys to mess with them and make them *more* nervous (which is daemonic, in my opinion, but funny 😈😆)... That's really a thing that happens?

    • Oh, honey, you have no idea.

    • Poor girl, I'm so sorry 😕

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  • Not all of these have happened to me but they're the worst things I can imagine.

    - Selfishness
    - lack of communication
    - someone who doesn't let things be fun.

    • How does one not let things be fun?

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    • The Hindenburg was inconvenient, *that* would be a travesty...

  • 1. No kissing or other affection, just plain intercourse.
    2. Not listening to your partner when they tell you that they like or (especially) do not like something.
    3. Being selfish/unresponsive. It is a team sport.

    • You've been with someone who wouldn't kiss you *at all*?

      (And "team sport" 😌 I like that)

    • Yes. Complicates situation it was a friend's fiance and it was a strictly sex only arrangement. Weren't interested enough to kiss each other, and even though I didn't want to kiss him, I missed that aspect in the whole event. Never thought I would though.

    • Ever see the movie "the dictator"? Specifically that part where the doctor tells that guy that he was "Aladeen", but on the other hand, unfortunately, that he was also "aladeen"?

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  • I can't imagine sex being that difficult. Just a lot of repetitive motions not rocket science...