Should I be with someone who really like you but claims that he will never fall for you?

There is this workaholic guy that I have been dating for a month. I really like him and he likes me as well but he is only available when he has time. Though his dedication to hi work is really impressive but we don't get to see each other enough because of it. He says that for him his work will always come first, which is a good thing because even I have a pretty busy schedule. Even I can't afford a proper relationship but still somewhere want it.
It feels like being with someone who is soo much fun and makes you laugh but will never like you the way you want him to like you.
So I recently broke up, saying it's everything or nothing for me. He wants me to come back and give this another shot but he still won't change.
Am I being unreasonable? Should I give him another chance or just let him go?


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  • If he actually claimed that, then why bother wasting your time? The whole point for most people is to find someone to fall in love with. He sounds like he wants different things than you do. Sorry :(


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  • I dont think you are. Its simply not the arrangement you want.