Girls, does pickup work in order to attract you?

pickup is a skill that everyone can learn. gaining a confidence. does this work for you even all guys would learn that?


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  • No I see right through it. Why not be yourself and not play games?
    It's one thing to be confident and another to selfishly try to manipulate people
    Plus if I'm not attracted to someone that's pretty much it

    • i am talking about being myself through confidence

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    • i am more nervous than confident

    • I'm nervous with guys but luckily I'm a girl and I was born pretty lol
      The main thing is trying, you'll regret not putting yourself out there

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  • For me personally, if there is no physical attraction whatsoever, then no. The confidence doesn't work on everyone.

  • not sure what you mean, confidence yes a guy has to have confidence.

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