Am I too obsessed with this guy?

I have been waiting for this guy's reply for over 24 hours. He has stopped replying back after I kind of made fun of him about his looks... I have been loosing concentration on my works and feel like doing nothing. I personally dont have feelings from him but I feel annoyed that he is not replying back. Is this feeling suposed to be normal?


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  • Gosh, one reason I hate texts BUT if he is that insecure or not pursuing you then be lucky for being saved from wasting time. Early relationships are fragile but if they can't withstand the early stuff it would be a disaster long term. Start chatting up other guys, don't go into apologize please like me mode.


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  • You're obsessed with him but don't have feelings for him? I don't get it

    • I know. Its weird... i dont have fantasties about him but I am just fustrated that he is not replying back...

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    • Actually I have never properly loved someone other than my family and my pet cat... i am sure u had experience in relationships... so what is it like to love someone?

    • It's not something that can be explained
      To be honest you're probably just interested in him because he didn't reply. It's human nature people want what they can't have
      It's why girls play hard to get so often

  • You like him otherwise him not replying would bother you.