Free Advice that nobody wants

-DO NOT have sex with someone unless your dating or are emotionally detached from the sitution.

-DO NOT have sex that has any potential to cause pregnancy unless YOU ARE married.

-Make a guy EARN what's between your legs ladies,giving it up frequently and easily is just gonna leave you bitter,heartbroken and unmarried for all your adult years.

-If youve had more partners than youve had years on the earth than you are a slut. That goes for men also but its not as shameful

-The world isn't fair and revolves around double standards.

-GIRLS don't be afraid to ask a guy out

Im bored now so feel free to leave your own helpful hints.

This is exactly why nobody wants this free advice.


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  • Damn straight no one wants it. If there is one thing I hate is being told, by a man especially, how I should feel after any given situation.

    Also I don't want to ever get married but I do want children. shut up, marriage isn't the be all and end all of a womens life, you know.

    You guys need to learn that having frequent meaningless sex DOES NOT cause bitterness and broken hearts. LOL No what causes that is when you've spent the last 6 years being a wonderful girlfriend, and just because you get a little depressed for 3 months, this guy that has pretended to love you decides your not worth the trouble.

    No casual, meaningless sex, that I don't have to put some guy through hoops to get is the kind of relationship I want. Not some d*** that will suck my soul and feeling from my body for 6 years telling me he loves me, only to throw me away on a whim, like I meant nothing to him. no thank you.

    I'm going to let you d***s call me a slut, its better than letting you take all that I am and then rip it to peices.

    ill be asking out alright...

    • Yeah that does cause it,so does getting into bed expecting more out of it and than feeling horrible when that doesn't arrive. For some people though it doesn't take 6 years it might only take 6 minutes. The only difference between you and me is I know nobody wants my advice and to me it seems that your entire post reeks of bitterness.

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    • I never cheated on him, not once, I just had work issues that seemed never ending, all I needed was a bit of understanding, someone to lean on, after 6 good years, and it did last only 3 months, never had anxiety or depression before. he's a lying wank bag, and I'd prefer to be banged by several men than have my soul crushed like that again.

    • =) Then that is what works for yourself. Unfortunately I was cheated on. In no way was I referring to your actions as an individual. I was merely referencing what you were saying and then describing my own scenario in hopes that it helps someone down the road.

      By knowing what you want in life- you will have a better chance at finding "the right guy" just keep your eyes open so you don't pass a great opportunity.

      Personally, I like sex and I'm of legal age- so ill enjoy it when I want =)

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  • I would add that GUYS: do not have sex with girls when you know they probably like you and its going to make them attached to you.

    "The world isn't fair and revolves around double standards" -- Yep, females get attached from sex. It's biological and females have a hard time having meaningless sex with anyone you want without drama. Not JUST for females to deal with. Any guy who isn't a tool will realize that he needs to be a little more careful about letting his sex drive hurt people's feelings as well.

    • Well put. Guys just do not care about feelings theirs or hers. That's why if girls don't want to get hurt they have step up those requirements or detach emotionally. Use their brain more when deciding to get into bed with someone. You think all those young single mothers said I want to be a young unwed single mother getting no support from the dad?

    • Sex is a shared experience. Saying girls have to conform to guys' biological urges is not completely valid. Guys need to stop thinking only with their penis too, is what I'm saying. They need to put some reason into those hormone driven thoughts as much as women need to put reason into their emotional thoughts. Guys have no "right" to get people pregnant and run off. Guys get stds too. Guys SHOULD care about people's feelings. Many don't want to hurt people and learn to control themselves.

  • Are you writing a book?

  • "That goes for men also but its not as shameful". I think it is.

  • Great advice I agree with everything. I am really shy to ask a guy out I was always told that if a guy really wants you he will ask you out, if he does not really want you then he won't. So I don't think I'll be doing the last one!

  • You are a man. Why are you thinking that you are qualified to give women advice about having sex? You are a sexist, dirty-minded ass. You need to get a life and stop telling other people what to do. Who do you think you are for coming up with a formula for telling girls whether or not they are sluts? There are only double standards because of hateful, sexist asses like you.

    • Your absoulety right and you think I'm the only one that thinks that way? I'm a guy that's how guys think and guys want to sleep with every girl they can,so that more than qualifies me to help give some ladies a heads up. I can be honest about instead of the one that lie and pretend. I also think if a girls 20yo and she's had 25 partners hell even 10, people are gonna find that slutty.

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    • Here, let's try this again. Double-standards in society affect both men and women, and in different ways. Therefore double-standards can not and should not be construed as a form of attack that is perpetrated by men against women, or by women against men. This here is my opinion. It is not an insult, it is not meant to be derogatory to anyone here, I'm not threatening any of you, and just because I believe differently that doesn't mean I'm insane or worse than any of you.

    • I totally agree with you answerer. Men should not be giving women advice on this subject. they havn't got the first clue about what we're about. just bull sh*t assumptions and stereotypes.

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  • Your free advice doesn't have a question associated; as such, I will assume this is your rant due to a hurtful situation. Here are my pieces of advice:

    - Give everyone a chance but don't let yourself a moment to be walked on by others.

    - Be outgoing, no matter the pain - always put your best foot forward.

    - Smile every day, this is your life and you can lead it the way you choose.

    - Apply effort, if your not feeling fulfilled as a lawyer, find what you really want in life.

    - Take risks, there is nothing wrong with jumping out on a ridge once-in-a-while

    And some other ones that apply specifically to this post:

    - Stop believing that GaG is a place to vent. We support your decisions; however, no one likes negativity and it shouldn't be brought here as a deceptive "Question" when it is something else.

    - Stop overgeneralizing, your assumptions are completely incorrect for a majority of the population today. By showing such a lack of a caring personality, this only hurts yourself.

    - Accept everything and take it with a grain of salt. The women that choose to do those things are allowed those choices. The men that choose those things are allowed their choices equally. We cannot dictate what someone does or doesn't, nor were you trying to.

    In summary, every painful experience comes hand-in-hand with a learning experience. We must guide our lives through each experience into the next.

    Best regards,


    • Well said!

    • Much better advice. But I wasn't intending to rant or force opinions or beliefs, though I shouldve left that one out.

    • Thank you, the compliment is appreciated ^_^

      We all have moments where we discuss what the topic is per the saying - what is "at mind" or what is relevant to your conscious.

      There is no need to omit certain information- this is who you are. By accepting that, one could increase their own self-worth ^_^

  • I like how you topped it all off with "GIRLS don't be afraid to ask a guy out" which basically contradicts what you said earlier. How is that going to lead to women having less partners? I also don't understand how a girl treating sex like it's a trade good is going to lead to a satisfying relationship.

    • This topic wasn't even meant to be about the sexual behaviors of girls. It was one reference about girls who prefer to have many partners. I'm NOT stating any girl that has sex is that way or that all girls should remain virgins til they find true love,they should just do things in moderation. Self control and all that good stuff

    • Being in a relationship is not tied to having a sexual experience. There are people who enjoy being abstinent in their marriages. Unfortunately that doesn't work for some of the individuals in my town; however, that is their choice which is good for them.

      Most all satisfying relationships come from experimentation. One couldn't just jump into the pile of men out there and expect the relationship to be satisfying and fulfilled. By being fulfilled, one could then experiment sexually - safely.

  • The problem with the advice above, is that you can't teach experience. People only learn from life's lessons.

  • Honestly, no reason to rip on your beliefs. Have fun Trolling.

  • hahahahhahah...80 year old girls having sex. if theyve slept with 81 people I guess that makes them an "old slut" heheheh