I don't know the rules of internet dating?

So I have been talking to this guy I met on an online dating site. We haven't met in person yet. I gave him my number monday, he texted me the next day at like 9 am and we texted for 2 hours. He was super flirtatious and we became friends on Facebook. He asked fo a full body shot (fully clothed of course) and I told him one I would post one on the dating site and he just said that he wants it for him and doesn't want all the other guys checkin me out on the dating site( it didn't come across possessive or anything.) I texted him the next day and he asked me to text him a pic of me, so I did.

I didn't hear from him yesterday- it was thanksgiving so I'm not too mad about that at all.

I just don't know what the rules are. Do I text him, or do I let him pursue me? I want him to know I'm into him, and I totally want to meet up with him.


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  • "and I totally want to meet up with him."

    Take out the word "totally" and you have the rules memorized. You want to show your desire to meet up with someone in person, or to continue talking with them etc (This indicates you would like to continue interacting). On the contrary, you do not want to show that you are either of the "extremes" such as:

    - "Omg omg omg omg I really miss you, will you come home? please please please"


    - "Hey. Yeah.. school was good.. You?"

    Example 1) You would be showing too much of a desire and thus be labeled "clingy or needy"

    Example 2) You are showing too little desire and thus are labeled "Busy or uninterested"

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  • Your dating online? You look pretty cute. But then again I guess anyone can date online these. Here are a few rules I'd suggest.

    1. Don't give out any nude shots. No matter how comfortable you feel. Why? Cause you'll never truly know a guy until it's too late. There are many sites out there with forums involving naked pictures of girls. You don't want to end up there.

    2. Guard every aspect of your life. Don't give out your last name, any important information, and don't give out your address.

    3. When meeting in person, always make it public.

    4. Be optimistic, not pessimistic. Let him know that you want to take it as slow as you can. The more willing he is to be patient, the more likely he's a legitimate guy.

  • this all sounds normal , but there is no official rules for online dating , you sort of have to do your own thing and not try anything too risky , like when you meet him pick a public place you trust and feel comfortable at , don't give out any passwords or tell him where you live yet , just those kinds of rules important to follow .

    the picture thing sounds ok to me although if he has you on fb , isn't there pics allready there he can look at ?

    • So it totally seems like he's into me- at least it seems like it to me.

      I just don't want to scare him off

  • I believe that a lot of the times, after you send pics to each other on online dating site. If they find you are not their type, they will just leave the relationship at that. I'd say if he doesn't reply, then he is just not interested. Though I truly hope he does and that it works out for you. Wishing you good luck. And anyways, I think a beautiful girl like you doesn't need to find dates online, but rather somewhere outisde.

  • Ask if you could get a pic of him :)


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