Have you ever tried online dating?

Have you ever tried online dating? Do you have any memorable experiences to share? Would you ever try it? Why or why not? Discuss.


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  • A lot of people like to say that they don't use online dating because they have no trouble getting dates.

    But they don't seem to think about the annoyances online dating can eliminate.

    When you meet face to face, you have no idea what that person is like, what they're into, what religion they follow and so forth. All you have to go by are their physical attributes and spend many dates trying to figure out if you two are compatible. Then they get serious, date for years and certain aspects start oozing out that you weren't aware of before, but didn't discuss because it was "too soon". Deal breaker things such as morality, marriage, religion, reproduction, politics and so forth.

    You can end up dating someone for years only to later find out they can't fulfill your expectations in one way or another and then we get the break ups and sobbing and dumbass songs to follow.

    With online dating all the important traits can be compiled on your profile, so you instantly know whether you'd want to be with this person, provided you get that spark on your face to face dates.

    I don't want kids and he does? No go.
    I'm atheist and he's religious? Nope.
    I'm into staying in playing video games and he'd rather go out and get wasted in bars every weekend? Bye!

    Online dating helps filter through unwanted people a lot quicker. No unpleasant surprises months or years down the line.

    Okcupid makes you answer a whole lot of questions that cover a variety of subjects. I don't understand how people can say online matchmaking is bullshit, when it literally couples you with people who share your likes, beliefs and outlook on life. And if you don't want to have things in common, go message the person with the lowest % of common interests instead.

    My boyfriend and I have met on Okcupid. Our profiles matched up percentage wise and he messaged me. I saw that we had many things in common, so I gave it a shot. We met up after a week of texting and have been together ever since. +3 years down the line and it's been bloody fantastic.


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  • No, I've never tried it, nor do I have any inclination to try.

    First off, because I don't have problems dating in real life, lol. Approaching women isn't as frightening or as difficult as a lot of guys make it out to be. If you're sensible and thoughtful about how you approach a girl and take steps to make it clear that you're a friend and not a foe, most women are actually pretty receptive to the idea, attracted to the guy or not.

    Second, I live in an area where it's easy to meet people simply by walking down the street. In less sparsely populated areas, however, I can see online dating being more appealing.

    Third, it seems online tends to attract a lot of weirdos, lol (not judging, haha). I think a lot of people who simply have underdeveloped social skills are attracted to online dating--as well as creeps--so it seems easier to just avoid that altogether. Of course, that description certainly does not apply to everyone using it, just that it's likely you'll run into such people.

    Fourth, it's yet another online profile to attend to--I'd prefer not to be glued to a screen all day, if I can help it.

    Now, that doesn't mean I'm opposed to using it. I know for a lot of busy people, it may be the only way they can meet someone (I'd argue that means they haven't properly evaluated their work/life balance, but that's not my problem...). For others who may have "status" to maintain (lol), being seen getting rejected is unappealing (both in real life or online), so I know there are matchmaking services that set people up anonymously as well (a lot of people with money might use such a service).

    • To my knowledge, most matchmaking services are actually a scam.

    • There are a lot of scams when it comes to dating, lol. There are some legitimate services, however.

      I do know of a woman in the DC area who sets up dates for people who make a minimum of seven figures. They submit information to her, and she pairs them up. I learned about her from a study I was doing on direct response marketing, although I can no longer remember her name.

  • Hmmm it's been rollercoasters.. but so far so good. I've had 5 dates and each of girls had/has their own unique personalities and look :)
    First one friendzoned me very earlier but now wants me back. I really liked her a lot and my heart was broken when she rejected me. Second one and I ended up in a relationship. she was perfect except being too clingly so I eventually broke up with her. The third one was a catfish and looked nothing like one in the picture so did not see her again. She also had a terrible personality. The 4th one was the smartest with the strongest passion and she was able to understand my language, Korean really well though she never been to Korea. We both liked each other, but we live far away and she's way to busy with school life so didn't work out well. 5th one is the hottest and craziest. She is very weird in a very interesting way.

  • Dating websites lmao
    They multiply what happens in real life by 100.

    ---> demand and supply...

    Each day, girls receive something between 10 (for the not so good looking) to over 200 (for the good looking ones).
    There is NO POINT tailoring your message at all. They DON'T have the time to read a long message. In fact after awhile they don't even try.

    Even fat/ugly/bitchy chicks are getting praised MUCH MORE online than in real life. Some chicks would get totally ignored in real life but find "admirers" (read "hungry dogs"...) online. IT INFLATES THEIR EGO BIG TIME.
    It turns "beggers into choosers"

    There was a study done using statistics provided by a famous dating website (I think it's okcupid but not sure).
    The study showed a diagram where you see 8 types of people.

    4 chicks (1 ugly, 1 average, 1 kind of pretty, 1 really good looking)
    4 guys (same thing)
    ---> Instantly you would see that the best looking guys get over a day an average of 12 messages, and all the others less.

    ---> But for the chicks... even the ugliest chicks would still get like 10 messages a day and the best looking ones would have their message box FULL (over 200 messages A DAY) LOL

    (The observation of that study was confirmed when I talked to some chicks about it either in real life or on the forums dedicated to the dating websites. I would ask them about it and they would reply stuff like "yeah it's true, I consider myself pretty average but I still get like 30-40 messages a week" ...)

    I created a second (fake) profile with a guy much better looking than me once, just to see what happens... LOL I was getting replies instantly and some chicks really hot I NEVER SAW before using the search engine (and I pretty much narrowed down the research to an extent I would have seen them at least once over a month) were popping up out of nowhere wanting to meet me.
    In fact I even put some pretty insulting/sexist remarks about women on this fake hot guy's profile description... they still replied positively ahhahaha what a bunch of hypocrites LOL

    • That was a few years ago actually. But if you talk about dating Apps like Tinder, It's not bad at all except I don't really consider it to be online dating.
      It's more about finding a fuck buddy quick and easy. when you're between 16 and 22 yo.

  • I think I have a better chance of winning the lottery than actually be successful in an online dating site. I have no problem meeting people outside and dating them, so I wouldn't dare even try online dating

  • Seems like kind of a scary idea, tbh, but I guess it works out for a lot of people...

  • I have an online dating account right now but 95% of the girls look really unattractive to me. Most of the hot girls were Asian girls which I'm not interested in for cultural reasons so I feel like online dating is a pitiful place were unsuccessful people congregate.

    If I want more out of the site I have to pay and I'm not willing to do that yet...

  • No, I just haven't gotten there. I'd rather find someone in person.


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  • Yes multiple times and they have never worked out well for me, I prefer to meet someone naturally. However, my sister met her now fiancé online and they are very happy. So I guess it just depends on the person and the site (s) you use.

  • Not a fan of the idea.

  • I had met somebody online, and I met him in person. He lived in Quebec, I took a bus to visit him, it was a five hour bus ride.

    Ummmm I ended up not liking him too much. But I took a chance. And experienced a lot. And I got to visit Quebec. :)

  • Haha does tinder count?
    Other than that I never tried or really have interest in it

    • Tinder totally counts. It's the most common one in our age group, I think.

    • Oh ok welp nothing on tinder has happened besides the asking of hooking or nudes from numerous dudes

      The most memorable thing is my trolling which is pretty dumb lol

  • No I haven't but I did meet my boyfriend online even though we go to the same school lol

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