Dreaming about guys that turn into crushes. What should I do?

So I'm single again. But anyway two nights ago right before my alarm clock went off i was in a dream with a guy i go to college with i barely know him but in the dream we bump into each other's glasses and he kisses me. I wake up to a new view on this guy. I think heis kind of attractive. So i go to school. My classroom is small so it get cramped real fast, guess who comes in late and sits near me, dream guy. He is quiet but smart and he has tattoos which makes him more attractive. So i try to talk about his tattoos but break goes by fast. Class ends and i go home and take a nap like normal but before i nap i check facebook and just out of curiousity i find him and add him. He accepts my request and i was going to message him but i changed my mind. Hours later he messages me whats up and we then talk til about five am. I go to sleep and have another dream about him we are dating this time. I wake up happy but its weird to message him knowing that i have a crush on him now. Can my dreams come true. What should i do. This happens a lot. We are messaging now.


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