Girls 18-24, could you be physically attracted to/date a guy in his 20's with no hair?

I'm about a week away from being 20 and about a year or so ago I developed a condition known as TE, my hair growth cycle was messed up due to things going on at that time, usually it's something only seen in women after child birth and they tend to recover but in men sometimes our hormones attack the weakened hair, so basically my hair has very thin areas on top, sides, pretty much all over and I mean very thin, there is no treatment so I opted to shave my head cue ball bald, no hair whatsoever (think pitbull or Howie mandell) now people say I pull it off very well, in fact a friends girlfriend said I was a F****** stud without hair and the only person who she personally knows who can pull it off, (I was a bit surprised as I'm a skinnier guy, toned but smaller built, and my skin doesn't tan for crap, but my face and headshape are good for it) anyway my concern was that in so many places I've heard or read women (especially young) say baldness is the number 1 physical dealbreaker automatically. And before anyone calls girls shallow I can freely admit I need to be physically attracted in the initial moment to a girl before I could consider her personality, I believe it's natural, and I do have higher standards but I only want one girl in the end I'm not some player, if God came down and told me I'd only date and end up marrying one girl I'd be completely happy if I was attracted to her body and mind. So I want to know, girls late teens to twenties, could you date or feel attracted to a young bald (shaved to the skin bald) guy? Be honest it won't make or break me and like I said I have preferenaces too, I could never date a girl with excess weight, I work out semi regularly and keep in decent shape I'm not attracted to it, so if you find bald a dealbreaker just tell me I can accept it, and understand it. Thanks for your time.

  • Bald can be attractive, I could date a guy with no hair
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  • While bald isn't my favorite style, if I found a guy otherwise attractive it's absolutely no problem
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  • Couldn't get past no hair so young, not hating it but I would hold out for a guy with hair at this age
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  • For me it's an automatic deal breaker, baldness repels me
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  • I have dated a dude who was balding (and began doing so at the age of 19). That wasn't the issue or why we broke up - he was a horrible person.

    • Mine isn't the typical balding but I do have to shave it skin bald anyway from the condtion, does a fully shaved head make a difference or is that no biggie

    • He did the same. He was in the army.

    • oh okay as long as it was skinhead bald and not just buzzcut like most military, I'm sorry the guy turned out to be an ahole, don't let him ruin your opinion of all bald guys please!! haha thanks for your help

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  • A and B are kinda the same :3 I voted A

    A man's hair, or lack of, doesn't define him. And I would be perfectly happy dating a bald man.

  • earl mid twenties... weird... late 20s is acceptablt

    • how would that age difference matter? Im curious not mad, I turn 20 tomorrow and the condition I have would make my hair look patch if I didn't shave it skin bald, would it be a dealbreaker if the guy was early to mid 20's with no hair to you?

    • no sir, sorry i just read the bold question... um no sir you can't help that you have a hair conditiion... I would not mind at all, it just that most young men at your age don't shave their hair... but i would like a guy for him... but if most girl will just be curious to why you are bald... they will not dislike you, but be curious... thats all... i say late twenties because I only know one male at that age whom is bald , but I believe his is by choice, and it suits him well :)))) but my apologies I answered your question beforehand without even looking at the description but I don't think women will dislike you b//c your bald, they'll just be a little curious to why... same when a girl get a trendy cut, it won't be a turnoff to most.. but guys may be curious to why if and only if they didn;t know the reasons beforehand :)))

  • yes i could if he had a great personality

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