They say I'm attractive, they like to hang out with me. But don't want to date me? What's up with that?

Guys-- What sets the girl you want to date apart from the girl you don't want to date. Say you find them both attractive, and like to hang out with both of them.

I don't get why some guys like to hang out with me, find me attractive, yet don't want to date me. What am I missing? Don't you look for these qualities in a partner? Someone you enjoy spending time with, and who you are attracted to? What else do you need?


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  • Its always good to have someone you can spend time with, but if you've known these guys for a while, they might just see you as a friend, usually if I don't think I have a chance with a girl, but want to spend time with her I will be her friend, the thing that sets the girl apart is if she flirts or compliments me. Some guys might not want to risk friendship for a date... Maybe they think you're pretty but not their type, for example, a lot of guys like angelina jolie, I'm not attracted to her at all, but I can see what other guys would like about her and I can say she is pretty, just not for me...

  • How do you know they don't want to date you? Have they said this or are you assuming. Many times guys are intimidated by attractive women. When I see a girl that I find really attractive, and would love to date, I don't ask her out or anything because I "know" that she already has a boyfriend. That may be your case as well.


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